I ordered a cake and several cupcakes as well as a variety of desserts  from "Sweets by Sonia" for our 25th wedding anniversary!  The display was above my expectations! Sonia is meticulous in perfection down to every detail.

My dessert table was gorgeous with the soft colors and classy
arrangements! Not only were they beautiful, they were very delicious! 
The Oreo cake is an old time favorite and the lemon drops are to die for. Don't get me started on the red velvet cupcakes. For any occasion, whatever anyone craves, the taste is nothing short of perfection!

I recommend "Sweets by Sonia" for any occasion!

  Gigi Reyes

Sweets by Sonia offers a wide variety of delicious treats! Everything is made from scratch. Definitely the best carrot cake by far! Oh, and I must not forget her Guava bars! You can't have just one!

Christy Aguirre

As you know Sweets by Sonia is a great baker, but that's not the only thing she's good at, she's also an awesome MOM! My mom gives 100% at everything she does. My favorite dessert are her s'mores. They are absolutely the best! Good Luck Mom! 



While watching my mom bake, I can see she has a strong passion for what she does! She puts all she has into every single dessert. My favorite desserts are her s'mores & golden oreo cakepops. Keep up the great work Sweets! I love my mom and her baking!


Our family occasions are not complete without a special treat from Sweets By Sonia! From scrumptious Oreo filled Yorkie cupcakes for my daughter's Puppy Party or delectable Back to School S'mores for my children's teachers or my personal favorite...moist chocolate chip cookie dough-filled cupcakes. Sweets is a must have for your next celebration. Whether it's cake pops, guava bites, or Brookies, these goodies will make  your life a whole lot sweeter!


Sweets by Sonia never disappoints. All of Sonia's treats are mouthwatering and delicious.  One of her treats are never enough. Your taste buds keep demanding more and more.  I highly recommend Sweets for your next event. It's definitely sweetness in every bite!

Marcella Corrales

Guava bars? Da bomb diggity!!!!
Let's just start off by saying I bought 4 Guava bars from Sweets with every intention of sharing with my wife. Sad to say that they never made it home. These Guava bars are snacks from God!

Delicious Guava bars like these make me believe in the power of proper baking. I honestly can't even begin to describe the Lemonsitos without crying a little (lol). If you know someone who is depressed or in a bad mood, just get them treats from SweetEndings.  Every ending should end with a SweetEndings.

P.S.  Sweets  by Sonia catered my babyshower, my daughter's first birthday &  my friend's wedding.  Wouldn't have it any other way. Blessing!!!

Jean Joinville

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